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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  February 24, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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probably colder, definitely windier. if you have one of our viewers in dorchester, storms clearing out. by the way, temperatures into the mid-70s in salisbury today, helping to fuel those storms. we never got there in baltimore. here's the remaining warnings for worcester, by come mi cope -- city councilman -- wicomico. over 50 miles an hour, baltimore, central maryland and visibility is reduced, so drive with care as we see the fog hold up. you can see the winds are coming up, 20 in winchester, 16 in oakland. they will be overspreading the entire state. if the president if around
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northern maryland, 70s still in southern maryland but rainy, foggy, thunderstorms to the east. we'll talk about how things shake out. the man who was stabbed during a road rage is being charged as well. jeffrey neil furlough is charged with two counts of first degree assault. furlough was driving an suv and got into an argument with the driver of another car. furlough got stabbed by the other passenger. furlough held the passenger. sudbrook was arrested. although furlough wasn't arrested, an arrest warrant was issued? >> it's been two days since george huguely was found guilty in the murder of crerd yerd. now one of the jurors is talking
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about the decision. >> reporter: the first juror is talking about how he and fellow jurors felt. he said the hardest part was looking at the pictures but now feels like he knows the victim, friends and family. >> when we came out with our verdict, both times, i was not afraid to look at george and look at him, and i think that's because i was confident that what we did was right. >> he recommended a sentence of 20 years. huguely would likely be out of age pie 45. he will officially be sentenced on april 16th. around the nation tonight
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another ache hatch claims the life of -- ache hatch claims the life of a back country skier. he was swept under three feet of snow. avalanche experts say high winds likely contributed. an avalanche warning remains in effect for the central utah mountains. opening statements got underway in the case of-- he is accused of recording his roommate having a sexual relationship with another man. clem men ti found out and wound up killing himself. a 4-year-old pittsburgh girl was killed in her apartment when the family's 30-inch tube television fell on her head. she was trying to adjust the tv which was on top of a dresser.
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the television weighed about 100 pounds. we have put together a list with eight tips to prevent this from happening to anymore children. you can find them at dozens of people called to report gas leaks around the route 40 corridor. jeff? >> reporter: this wasn't just any leaky storage tank. in the last 24 hours more than 26 gallons of crude oil have leaked from the area in new jersey. the smell resulted in 37 calls to the harford county emergency operations center this morning. in each case fire trucks and ambulance were dispatched.
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>> i am a little surprised it's coming from an area roughly 50 to 60 miles from where they're low of kateed. however, there are three states that have detected the odor of gas that has one emergency call. >> the new jersey department of environment am protection assured people that petroleum products do not actually pose serious health risks. jeff hager, abc2 news. the walls came tumbling down for an eyesore in baltimore and neighbors are singing praises. now an old corner has a chance for a new beginning. tim rutherford was there. >> the dark brick hull of a building on the corner of edleson and bidil. >> reporter: for more twhoon decades, the old paints factory
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sat vacant. >> the community asked for it to be removed soon and it will be here no longer. >> reporter: happened to community residents and city officials kicked off the official demolition on this east baltimore corner. >> the remediation is something we can handle, the blight on the community. >> reporter: late last year, there was concern in the community about the demolition process possibly stirring up long dormant toxins on the site. today community leaders had nothing but praise for those involved. >> we have gotten all questions answered, all concerns met in partnership with other people that would answer those questions and everything has moved quite smoothly. >> we're doing everything we said we would do, either remove the asbestos which is what we told them we would do. we're taking the building down.
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>> reporter: the actual zel mow ligs of the building started several weeks ago. long time resident stanley ball was impressed with the process. >> i watched take the top half and not once did i see a rise of dust -- not once. >> reporter: miss marge jip wanted a memento for her grandkids. >> hopefully they can bumped something on it and use it as a stepping stone. >> reporter: in east baltimore, tim rutherford. >> the city said it will continue to work with the community on a redevelopment site. a man was arrest ford impersonating a plaintiff and has been charged twist before for the same crime. detectives are beginning to get more crime -- calls from other victims. >> reporter: baltimore county police say they're investigating
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other complaints, a crime the parkville man has been accused of and was acquitted of before. he was pulled overlaps month when a baltimore county police officer thought he was working a legitimate call. the parkville man looked like a cop, acted like a cop, drove like a cop. >> he had obtained a ford crown victoria like police officers drive. he had a laptop vehicle, antenna and working lights. >> reporter: only he is not an officer, rather a retired baltimore county worker, some of his career spent in code enforcement. when detectives served their warrant, they found the tools of their own trade, police uniforms mimicking baltimore county and citily, badges and fake guns, costumes for a part he has
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apparently played before. on his record are two prior police impersonations dating back to 2002 a charge he escaped with the him of defense attorney michael snegle. >> there's never been any indication that he's attempted to pull over anybody. >> reporter: and the court saw it that way as well, that he had no malicious intention. he admitted the costume is more for role playing, an odd defense but one that was backed up by legitimate receipts. >> they were all purchased at a costume store. this is his mode of expressing himself when he's on a date with someone. >> reporter: he is currently facing charges in baltimore county and is on home detention. we were not able too reach him
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for comment today. brian kuebler, abc2news. >> a delay in justice for the man accused of scram scamming -- of scamming schools with ties to the ravens. the state's attorney's office in queen anne's county said they have to wait until baltimore county finishes its investigation before they move forward. he is accused of taking upfront money from schools. an attack at a local mall has shoppers feeling on edge. where a couple was robbed walking to their car and what suspects took. the countdown is on to the biggest ceremony in hollywood. we'll tell you which star isn't welcome. a group of kids tried to poison a fifth grade teacher.
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what they put in her coffee and the last-minute move to keep her from drinking it.
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abc2 is on the g this time we're checking out the maryland ballet in annapolis. they've got on it going on, including some exciting performances. cheryl conner has more. >> reporter: there are about 35 professional full-time dancers that will be performing at maryland hall this weekend. they have two shows, the fireberg and scarlet letter and megan is in both. tell us about the shows. >> the first performance is the firebird which is a traditional russian folk care with all the
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elements you'd expect from any fairy tale. there's a princess, and a magical firebird. >> the second act, the scarlet letter. >> it focuses around the central character. she is a puritan, colonial american and it tells the story of her and she's an adulterer and her discovering her guilt and how she deals with that and all the characters in the town wrapped around. >> reporter: tell us how long you and others have been preparing for both shows. >> we dance six days a week, so about a 40-hour week, full-time
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job. >> reporter: tell us what they're going through. >> we take ball i've every morning for about an hour and a half or two hours. >> reporter: we'll see you on stage this weekend. the tickets are $45. there are shows tonight and tomorrow night at 7:00 and sunday there's a man tin nay at 2:00. coming up in 20 minutes we'll talk to another dancer who will be wearing the scarlet letter. back to you. a look at the current condition unless baltimore, cloudy skies. you can see that right now we're sitting at -- let me see if i can get my temperature to go. we're sitting at 48 in baltimore. yes. this was a cooler than expected day. no question about that.
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one of those days we can get a severe contrast. first, i want it get you into maryland's most powerful radar. you see a cluster of storms. some lightning still with these down here through the beach area. in central maryland, the severe weather threat is over for extreme southern maryland down toward the virginia state line. it's this line that created the warnings earlier in easton. let's take a look. a few severe thunderstorm warnings for eastern wicomico through worcester county and the eastern shore of virginia. winds will begin to come up. high winds over 50 possible from carroll county west. that's a high wind warning. wind advisories through central maryland and the eastern shore. you can see winds already pushing 20 and gusting higher.
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i want to take a look at the overall temperature pattern, very warm south of us, still 60 in ocean city. we never got out of the low 60s. we thought at one point we may get to 70. that didn't happen. you can see why. 80 in richmond today, 60 in ocean city. salisbury in the 70s. that helped fuel that line in southern maryland but that air, very warm air never quite edged into baltimore. we thought this would at least in part but it didn't happen. rainy and windy the rest of the evening. you can see the overall pattern, low pressure to the west. windy conditions and much cooler air. in the meantime we're dealing with foggy conditions and still a few storms to the east. things will pick up. as we check out the trend we can see the last showers pushing out were generally dry saturday,
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maybe an isolated shower or flurry in western maryland but it's going to be a windy cooler day and sunday the winds finally let up. sunshine comes back and although this will be a fairly cool day, this will set the stage for a warmup again as we go into the middle part of next week. 38 turning colder. the last showers will be long gone after another hour or two. then tomorrow 48, much cooler, much cooler for some areas than others. there will be a 30-degree cooldown, just 1 degrees cooler. tomorrow night down to 28 that would be clear and cold as the breezes let up. your seven-day forecast. you see what aens here. temperatures begin to bounce back. we're back to the above average temperature range. not much of a cooloff.
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>> don't forget. abc2 continues to have the apps to the most accurate weather forecast, latest news and live streaming news 24/7. oscar is getting ready for his close-up. crews are rolling out the red carpet for the 84th academy awards. not every star is welcome at the ceremony. diane alvear has all the highlights. >> reporter: hollywood boulevard has been transformed into a hollywood wonder and complete with -- wonderland, complete with towering oscar statues. >> the experience we have as a collective body of people where we sit with hundreds of others to watch a fillment in theater.
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>> reporter: host billy crystal, back for his ninth round as mass tar of ceremony. he will share the stage with loads of a list teres, tom hanks, halle berry, even kermit and miss piggy. but don't expect to see sacha baron cohen or his role the dictator. >> the oscars are supposed to be about celebrating film in general but not specific movies. they are opposed to him coming to use the red carpet as a promotional device. >> reporter: and creaser one -- everyone's favorite four legged star was ?ubd -- snubbed. he was not invited to appear.
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billy crystal joked on twitter. >> abc2 is the home for the 84th academy awards. you can see the oscars this sunday at 7:00 p.m. with the live show followed by the big show with billy crystal as host. shocking news coming up about the surgeons you trust. how many of them abuse alcohol. we're all burning the candle at both ends these days but people in one part of the country are sleepier than others. why southerners are more sleep deprived than the rest of us.
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a new study pub flished this
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month's archives vive surgery found one in six surgeons may have a drinking problem. the researchers surveyed more than 25,000 surgeons and asked them about their alcohol use. about 15% reported to drinking problems. nearly 9,000 people die each year from skin cancer in the u.s. but a new drug is offering hope. a study published in the new england journal of medicine found the drug, zelboraf doubled a person's life. half saw their cancers respond to the drug but it was funded by the drug's manufacturer. new york city maybe the city that never sleeps but southerners are the most sleep deprived. researchers say people living in the south reported the most a teak and sleep disturbances. access to medical care could be responsible for the differences.
5:27 pm is your lace for all the -- place for all the health news you need. you will find today's health categories. the mall of a parking lot -- the parking lot of a mall becomes a crime scene as an older couple is attacked. where it happened and what the thieves stole. $22.5 million is up for grabs in maryland. how many marylanders are due for a payday and how you get your cash. you don't need a designer gown. how you can be a part of the oscars without leaving the comfort of your couch.
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